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Cable Glands For Hazardous Locations

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RoHSCSA, CE, German Lloyd, RoHS, EEx e, ATEX Approvals

Fitting is UL listed, not including FLAKA (ROMEX®) Insert.
Hazardous Locations / Explosion Proof - EEx e & ATEX Approved - Romex ® Cable Picture These fittings feature a form seal with flat opening to seal underground feeder (U/F) Romex® cable sizes AWG 14/2, 14/3, 12/2, 10/2 and non-metallic (N/M) Romex® cable sizes AWG 14/2, 12/2, 12/3 and 10/2. They are made of Nylon with a Buna-N form seal and are resistant to salt water, weak acids, weak alkalis, alcohol, ether, esters, ketones, mineral, animal and vegetable oils.

Non-corrosive and suitable for direct burial installations. These form seals fit cable glands made of other materials (nickel plated brass, PVDF, etc.). Romex® is a registered trademark of Southwire Company.
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ULf1 (746C) UV Stable Material All Black Nylon Cable Glands (Dome) are manufactured with a NEW ULf1 / UL f1 (746C), UV Stable material. This new UV/V0 material is built for the Solar, Photovoltaic, Outdoor Industries.




Black Gray
CD16AS-E1 CD16AS-E2 .24" x .55" (6 x 14 mm) PG 16 Click here for more information
CD16AS-E3 CD16AS-E4 .20" x .45" (5 x 11.5 mm)
CD16AS-E5 CD16AS-E6 .28" x .47" (7 x 12 mm)
CD21AS-E1 CD21AS-E2 .24" x .55" (6 x 14 mm) PG 21 Click here for more information
CD21AS-E4 CD21AS-E4 .28" x .55" (7 x 14 mm)
CD16NS-E1 CD16NS-E2 .24" x .55" (6 x 14 mm) 1/2" NPT Click here for more information
CD16NS-E3 CD16NS-E4 .20" x .45" (5 x 11.5 mm)
CD16NS-E5 CD16NS-E6 .28" x .47" (7 x 12 mm)
CD21NS-E1 CD21NS-E2 .24" x .55" (6 x 14 mm) 3/4" NPT

Click here for more information

CD21NS-E3 CD21NS-E4 .28" x .55" (7 x 14 mm)
CD20MS-E1 CD20MS-E2 .24" x .55" (6 x 14 mm) M20 x 1.5 Click here for more information
CD20MS-E3 CD20MS-E4 .20" x .45" (5 x 11.5 mm)
CD20MS-E5 CD20MS-E6 .28" x .47" (7 x 12 mm)
CD25MS-E1 CD25MS-E2 .24" x .55" (6 x 14 mm) M25 x 1.5 Click here for more information
CD25MS-E3 CD25MS-E4 .28" x .55" (7 x 14 mm)

Multi-hole configurations "Click Here"

Why Choose Sealcon!
-Submersible to 300 ft -V0 Rated According to UL 94 -RoHS & Deca BDE
-NEMA 4x & 6 (IP 68 / IP 69K) (10 BAR) -UL, UR, CSA, VDE, CE, EX, ATEX

Hi-Tech Controls, Inc.provides cable products at competitive prices with exemplary customer service. Inventory in Excess of $25 Million allows the immediate shipment of almost all standard cable types and sizes.
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